The available layers in this web-gis provide a preliminary evaluation of potential of innovative technologies developed by the GEOTeCH Project.

List of GEOTeCH innovations:

  1. The dry drilling machine with direct installation of vertical borehole heat exchangers;
  2. The integrated small scale system: the dual source heat pump connected to the hybrid (helical/co-axial) borehole heat exchangers;
  3. The large scale energy geostructure: the energy walls.

List of layers present in the web-gis:

  1. Drillability index of GEOTeCH dry drilling technology;
  2. Depth of neutral zone (m): depth where the influence of season fluctuations is negligible;
  3. Ground temperature at the depth of neutral zone (°C);
  4. Suitability index of GEOTeCH integrated technologies (small scale geothermal system): index result of a multi criteria decision analysis based on five indicators (drillability, depth of neutral zone, ground temperature, heating needs, cooling needs);
  5. Ease of installation of GEOTeCH energy walls (large scale geothermal system).

The technical details about the design and realization of the layers are available in the following open access publication:

Tinti F., Kasmaee, S., Elkarmoty, M., Bonduà, S. and Bortolotti, V. (2018), Suitability evaluation of specific shallow geothermal technologies using a GIS-Based multi criteria decision analysis implementing the analytic hierarchic process, Energies, 11(2),457, DOI: 10.3390/en11020457.