Our GEOTeCH partner UPVLC will attend the European Geothermal Congress EGC2016 to present two papers:
Paper 1 “An Innovative Co-Axial Spiral Borehole Heat Exchanger Dynamic Model” (Authors: Antonio Cazorla MarínFelix Ruiz Calvo, Henk Witte, Carla Montagud, Jose Corberan).
Paper 2 “Estimating Ground Thermal Properties of a Borehole Heat Exchanger using the B2G Dynamic Model” (Authors: Antonio Cazorla MarínFelix Ruiz Calvo, Álvaro Montero, Julio Martos, Carla Montagud, Jose Corberan).

The EGC Congress is the largest geothermal event in Europe hosting a combination of events for different stakeholders in order to create a unique opportunity for those working in different aspects of geothermal, whether academic, industrial or societal.
The programme of the event will be divided into three basic threads or “streams”:
Politics and Markets: this stream covers the political, regulatory, financial, and economic framework in which geothermal energy operates, as well as public acceptance.
Technology and Best Practice: the technology required for making practical use of geothermal energy is at the centre of this stream.
Science: this stream provides a platform for the exchange of research results at the highest possible level.