The Universitat Politècnica de València (UPVLC) has a long experience on RTD studies and has participated in a large number of projects funded by the EC. The UPVLC is the second university in size in the city of Valencia and concentrates all the technical studies. Current number of students is around 35000. The research is going to be performed by the Institute for Energy Engineering (IIE).
The Institute for Energy Engineering is structured according to five major areas of work:

  • Thermal
  • Electricity systems and markets. Price demand response
  • Electrical equipment and systems
  • Nuclear
  • Renewable and advanced energy systems

The Thermal Area of IIE will be the responsible for the project. In this area, the activity of the Institute focuses on all the aspects of the energy systems and equipment related to Thermal Sciences. In particular, this area includes the areas of research related to heat transfer and modelling flows and thermal and energy systems in general, with fields of application that range from refrigeration, heat pumps and air conditioning, to complex energy systems such as buildings or vehicles.