HIREF S.P.A. member of the Galletti Group, was founded in 2001 as a company focused on the production of air conditioning units for technological environments (Data Centers and telecommunications shelters); today the brand is known all around the world as being strongly innovative, technological, and product customization-oriented.

With its own highly dynamic and specialized in-house research and development center, and internal mechanical, electrical and software development design department, along with its internal semi-finished product manufacturing departments, HiRef has, over time, acquired the necessary competences to not only offer products, but also complete solutions for the world of air conditioning. It is this very philosophy that has allowed HiRef to offer its customers truly valuable services, such as assistance in plant engineering planning and streamlining system performance, completing its line of highly customized products.

The objective of HiRef is to fulfil the requirements of its customers without compromising the thermo-hygrometric parameters of the air-conditioned rooms: extensive knowledge on plant engineering, combined with a remarkable know-how for innovative technologies make it possible to reach the energy efficiency levels required to achieve meaningful monetary savings and reduce the impact on the environment.

Over the years the company has experienced rapid growth, overcoming many challenges affecting the sector, thanks to a truly unique resource that has led its success: its people. By recognizing and using the talent of each individual human resource, HiRef is now one of the companies that can boast non-stop product innovation and high quality levels, combined with extreme flexibility.

HiRef has been working, since the beginning of its story, in cooperation with the University of Padova as a coordinator of in-house final thesis about R&D thermodynamic subjects (new refrigerants, variable speed technologies, synchronous motors, flooded evaporators, use of natural fluids, optimization of geothermal solutions, etc.). Thanks to this, HiRef is the core of the R&D inside the Galletti Group and keeps the entire organization updated on new technologies, pushing new solutions on the market.