Groenholland has been active in the field of geothermal energy since 1997, specializing in the design, manufacturing, installing and maintaining turn-key heat pump energy plants. This includes the design and realisation of the borehole heat exchanger systems. Having designed and operated bespoke drill-rigs for several years we now mainly work with subcontractors for the drilling operation.
Groenholland has over 100 ground source heat pump projects ranging from small housing projects to large schools and unversity buildings. In addition we offer research and consulting services to clients. This includes thermal response testing (Groenholland has developed our own test machine in 1997, the first one to be able to cool as well as heat) and has developed techniques for characterisation of borehole heat exchangers designs in a laboratory setting. Groenholland develops and offer training courses for the Dutch Ground-Source Energy certification programme and consult for government on the application, benefits and risks of ground source energy systems. Groenholland has been awarded the Environment Award for Engineers (2000) and has been nominated as one of the European Geothermal Innovation Awards 2014.