Around 2006 the founders of the Company started with the idea of developing a ground heat exchanger(HE) for heat pump applications in residential housings and commercial buildings. The roots of these founders is in the piling industry for over 20 years. With this new designed coaxial HE with helical vanes integrated with the insulated inner pipe an award was achieved in a contest for sustainable innovations by the Dutch RABO bank.
A patent was filed and the first commercial installation was successfully in operation by the end of 2009. Consequently the legal entity Geothex B.V. was established in June 2010. A complete range of products needed for the underground installation of the Geothex® HE was developed with dedicated PE-100 electro fusion welding parts. Together with GroenHolland B.V. the HE was tested and validated in a range of field and laboratory tests. Also a new drilling method was developed. During 2011 Geothex participated in several tests in Oklahoma City with a consortium ofOklahoma Gas and Electricity, Oklahoma State University, ClimateMaster GSHP and Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Collaboration with Stüwa from Germany resulted in May 2014 in a License Agreement for production and distribution in Europe. Geothex B.V. is aiming for further improvement and optimization