COMSA INDUSTRIAL is a subsidiary company of COMSA CORPORATION, a major infrastructure and engineering group with over €1,7 billion turnover, 10.000 employees and active in 25 countries. COMSA INDUSTRIAL is an industrial engineering company specialized in electrical and mechanical installations, automation and instrumentation, installation of HVAC systems, Integrated and Specialized Maintenance, Facilities Management and Maintenance Engineering etc.
The COMSA INDUSTRIAL’s engineering business unit develops numerous projects offering integrated solutions to optimize the energy consumption in districts, tertiary buildings and infrastructures, focusing in the monitoring and demand side management and the optimization of HVAC systems. The company has participated in numerous projects involving system installations in buildings, management, technical and energy audits, energy-efficiency and RHC and renewable energy integration in buildings, among others.
COMSA INDUSTRIAL has pioneered the development, implementation and integration of global and open solutions for the convergence of Building Management Systems (BMS) and IT systems in large infrastructures such as singular buildings, roads, ports, tunnels and airports. COMSA INDUSTRIAL uses the latest technology together with a highly qualified technical team to deliver solutions tailored specifically to the customer’s needs, using either in-house or thirdparty products.
COMSA INDUSTRIAL has a long track on renewable energy installations with one of the European pioneer Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) installations and experience in geothermal renewable solutions for HVAC systems The strategy of the whole company is oriented towards R&D improvement and greater shares in the international market. COMSA INDUSTRIAL intends to position itself as a leading company in the R&D sector of infrastructures and technologies, aligning concepts such as energy efficiency and the use of renewable energies. The company, in line with the European Directives related to Energy Efficiency and with Near Zero Energy Buildings offers to its clients Energy Services in order to optimize the management and energy demand in buildings and infrastructures, putting special attention to HVAC systems as the main and growing energy consumer in buildings. COMSA INDUSTRIAL is focused on the Smart Cities flagship with a special focus in R&D projects on Building and District level Energy Management systems, advanced HVAC solutions and BIPV while COMSA is focused towards innovative technologies for infrastructures and civil works.

COMSA is a linked third party of COMSA INDUSTRIAL in this project. Both companies belong to the same industrial group, COMSA INDUSTRIAL.

COMSA is a construction company, founded in 1891, which undertakes any kind of civil works. Today COMSA is positioned among the leading construction companies in the country with presence in 14 countries (France, Portugal, Poland and Switzerland, among others) and employs 9,000 people in other European Member States (and in other international markets). COMSA is well-aware of the importance of constructing sustainable and eco-friendly infrastructures. COMSA gives an added value to the technical department due to its great Management in the Construction Knowledge.
During COMSA’s years of experience, innovation has been the main focus on the development of its activities, which has allowed to continue gaining and giving experience and specialized knowledge to and from the infrastructure, engineering, environmental and technology fields.
The company is focused towards a R&D concept and has always promoted the investment in innovation with the objective of incorporating new technologies in the processes and activities that the company develops. As a result of this fact it is important to mention that COMSA has participated and leaded numerous projects related to innovative technologies for infrastructure and civil solutions.