Conrad Stanen is a company based in the Netherlands that develops and produces a large diversity of customerspecific vertical drilling rigs, for more than 100 years, around the globe. Conrad Stanen BV can develop a drilling rig that can fully fulfil any requirements with regard to the vertical drilling technique due to its extensive experience and knowledge.
The power of Conrad Stanen is that the engineering, production, sales and service disciplines are all in the same building in a horizontal organisation. This means that flexibility dominates up to and including delivery but also aftercare for the customer. Conrad has now created many designs. We, however, do not rest on our laurels. We closely follow developments in the market. Flexibility and expertise form important lines of approach when it comes to determining our final approach. Our engineering forms the basis for what will ultimately lead to a solid and user-friendly drilling rig. Quality control, therefore, is part of the complete construction process as from the start to commissioning. Every drilling rig is, moreover, extensively tested by an independent qualified organisation before delivery takes place. A Conrad drilling rig meets all applicable health and safety standards (requirements).
All in all, it is our intention to engineer and produce rigs that distinguish themselves with regard to power, speed, safety and operator comfort. The rigs can be deployed within the built-up area where the applicable environmental requirements apply The drilling rig must operate as efficiently as possible. Knowledge is transferred because one or more test drills are performed during initial customer drilling jointly with Conrad Stanen when the rig is delivered. Conrad also provides direct and customer-friendly service